Sugar and Sweeteners Outlook No. (SSSM-301) 16 pp

September 2013

Sugar and Sweetener Outlook: September 2013

The Sugar and Sweetener Outlook for September 2013 reviews the sugar and sweetener outlook for the United States and Mexico, emphasizing changes made in the September 2013 World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates report. This edition reviews recent policy actions on the FFP, marketing allotments, and sugar tariff-rate quota, along with recent sugar loan forfeitures.

Keywords: Sugar, sugarcane, sugarbeets, trade, sugar imports, high corn fructose syrup, Mexico, NAFTA, U.S. sugar prices, world sugar prices, sugar marketing allotments, Overall Allotment Quantity (OAQ), sugar tariff-rate quota (TRQ), Feedstock Flexibility Program (FFP), sugar loan forfeitures

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