NASS Ag Census Map Service Documentation

In collaboration with the USDA, National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS), ERS developed and hosts the map services for the 2017 Ag Census Maps and the 2012 Ag Census Maps application. As with other ERS map services (see the available documentation), these map services are open and available for use outside of ERS or NASS applications.

The map services created for the 2012 Ag Census Web Maps application are:

  • Crops and Plants: Maps and data relevant to various field crops, hay and forage crops, vegetables, fruits, and other plants.
  • Economics: Maps and data relevant to farms by value of sales, market value of agricultural products sold, farm-related income and direct sales, farm production expenses, buildings, machinery, and equipment on operation.
  • Farms: Maps and data relevant to number of farms, land in farms and land use, agricultural chemicals used, farms by type of organization.
  • Operators: Maps and data relevant to hired farm labor, tenure of farm operators and farm operations, principal occupation of operator, characteristics of farm operators.

Desktop User Instructions

To use the NASS map services in a desktop application, such as ArcMap or ArcGIS Online:

Developer API Instructions

The services can be accessed through ArcGIS Server REST API. JSON and SOAP interfaces are also available. See the ArcGIS Server REST API detailed documentation, including general usage instructions, service properties, and methods.