Time Series Data

Note: Updates to this data product are discontinued.

Time-series data are available for program participation counts annually since 1997 (and before then, for 1989, 1993, and 1995). Estimates of program benefits are available since 1969; some county-level benefits data are imputed. Estimates of population counts and persons in poverty are available for selected years.

Information in this dataset is provided in an Excel spreadsheet, consisting of four worksheets:

  1. Notes—describes coding conventions and data sources,
  2. Flag—identifies States and years in which program benefit data have been imputed by the Bureau of Economic Analysis and re-imputed by ERS,
  3. State—provides State-level data, and
  4. County—provides county-level data. In general, the same variables are available on both the State- and county-level files. 

Download the Excel file.