Sugar and Sweeteners Yearbook Tables

This data product contains summary statistics on sugar, sugarbeets, sugarcane, corn sweeteners (dextrose, glucose, and high-fructose corn syrup), and honey. The majority of the data are compiled from the following USDA agencies: Agricultural Marketing Service, Farm Service Agency, Foreign Agricultural Service, National Agricultural Statistic Service, and Office of the Chief Economist. Data are monthly, quarterly, and/or annually, depending upon the data series. Most data are shown in fiscal years (October 1 to September 30); others are in calendar years (January 1 to December 31). These data can be used to monitor and analyze U.S. sweetener policy and events that affect the domestic, Mexican, and other international sweetener markets.

For further information on how these data are compiled see the Documentation page

Also on this page is the interactive Honey Data Visualization where users can learn about the increasing consumption of honey and honey-sweetened products in the United States and how imports have been complementing domestic honey production in meeting demand.

Note: Trade data and accompanying analysis in the Sugar and Sweeteners Yearbook Tables published by USDA, Economic Research Service in June 2024 will mostly not reflect annual revisions to the U.S. International Trade in Goods and Services data released by the U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census on June 6, 2024. Annual revisions are reflected in the June 2024 corn sweetener trade tables 34a, 34b, 35a, 35b. Revisions will be reflected in USDA, ERS products after the July 2024 release of trade data by the Census Bureau.

This data product includes the following data series:

Data Set Last Updated Next Update
World Sugar Production, Supply, and Distribution
Table 1-World sugar production, supply, and distribution 7/19/2018
World, U.S., and Mexican Sugar and Corn Sweetener Prices
World, U.S., and Mexican sugar and corn sweetener prices 7/2/2024
U.S. and Mexican Sugar Supply and Use
U.S. sugar crop production and sugar production, deliveries, and stocks 6/20/2024
U.S. and Mexico fiscal year sugar supply and use 6/20/2024
Table 25–U.S. monthly estimates of sugar supply and use, by fiscal year, since fiscal year 2003 6/20/2024
Table 26–Monthly estimates of Mexican sugar supply and use, since fiscal year 2011 6/20/2024
Corn Sweetener Supply, Use, and Trade
U.S. corn sweetener supply and use 6/20/2024
Corn sweetener trade 6/20/2024
U.S. Imports of Sugar Syrups
Table 40-U.S. total imports of sugar syrup, by harmonized tariff code 1702.90.4000, monthly 1/15/2015
U.S. Sugar Byproducts, Imports and Prices
Table 41-Monthly imports of molasses, by tariff code 6/19/2019
Table 42a-U.S. blackstrap molasses prices 6/4/2014
Table 42b-U.S beet pulp prices 6/4/2014
U.S. Maple Syrup Production, Prices, and Trade
Table 43-U.S. maple syrup production, imports, exports, and prices, by calendar year 7/2/2020
Table 44-U.S. maple syrup production and value, by state, calendar years 7/2/2020
Table 45-Canadian maple syrup and sugar production, exports, and imports 7/15/2015
U.S. Honey Production and Trade
U.S. honey production and trade 6/20/2024
U.S. Consumption of Caloric Sweeteners
U.S. consumption of caloric sweeteners 8/28/2023
U.S. Sugar and Sweetener Trade Tables from USDA's Foreign Agricultural Service
Table 57–U.S. raw sugar tariff-rate quota World Trade Organization allocations and entries by month, since fiscal year 1982 6/20/2024
Table 58–U.S. refined sugar tariff-rate quota World Trade Organization allocations and entries by month, since fiscal year 2006 6/20/2024
Table 59–U.S. sugar tariff-rate quota allocations and entries by month under free trade agreements, since fiscal year 2006 6/20/2024
Table 60–U.S. imports of sugar from Mexico, by port, monthly and fiscal year, since fiscal year 2011 6/20/2024
Table 61–U.S. monthly sugar imports since fiscal year 2008 6/20/2024