Rice Yearbook

U.S. rice production, supply, disappearance, trade, and price data. Includes state acreage, yield, and production data; U.S. and world price series; and program statistics. Contains world supply and use estimates as well. Prior years are available at the Mann Library.

Data Set Last Updated Next Update
U.S. Acreage, Production, Yield, and Farm Price
U.S. rice acreage, production, and yield 3/30/2020 3/31/2021
U.S. Supply, Disappearance, and Stocks
U.S. supply, disappearance, and stocks 3/30/2020 3/31/2021
Rice stocks: rough and milled, 1983 to present 3/30/2020 3/31/2021
U.S. Rice Trade
U.S. rice exports by type and top 10 U.S. rice export markets 3/30/2020 3/31/2021
U.S. rice imports by origin, market years, 2007/08 to present 3/30/2020 3/31/2021
Domestic Rice Prices and Loan and Payment Rates
U.S. rough and milled rice prices, monthly and marketing year 3/30/2020 3/31/2021
Program payment rates 3/30/2020 3/31/2021
World Supply, Utilization, and Trade
World rice supply and utilization, 1960/61 to present 3/30/2020 3/31/2021
World rice trade (milled basis): Exports and imports of selected countries or regions, 2004 to present 3/30/2020 3/31/2021
Global Rice Trading Prices
Export prices for Thailand, Vietnam, India, and Pakistan 3/30/2020 3/31/2021
All Tables
Complete data set in compressed .zip file 3/30/2020 3/31/2021

Last updated: Wednesday, December 09, 2020

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