International Food Security

This dataset is the basis for the

released in June 2016.  This annual ERS report projects food availability and access for 76 low- and middle-income countries over a 10-year period.  The dataset includes annual country-level data on area, yield, production, nonfood use, trade, and consumption for grains and root and tuber crops (combined as R&T in the documentation tables), food aid, total value of imports and exports, gross domestic product, and population compiled from a variety of sources. 

Data Set Last Updated Next Update
Southern Africa 7/5/2016
Central Africa 7/5/2016
South and Southeast Asia 7/5/2016
Latin America and the Caribbean 7/5/2016
North Africa 7/5/2016
West Africa 7/5/2016
Commonwealth of Independent States 7/5/2016
East Africa 7/5/2016
All Countries 7/5/2016