International Food Security

This dataset is the basis for the International Food Security Assessment, 2017-27 released in July 2017. This annual ERS report projects food availability and access for 76 low- and middle-income countries over a 10-year period. The dataset includes annual country-level data on area, yield, production, nonfood use, trade, and consumption for grains and root and tuber crops (combined as R&T in the documentation tables), food aid, total value of imports and exports, gross domestic product, and population compiled from a variety of sources.  

Note: The information on this page refers to the International Food Security Assessment (IFSA) model methodology prior to 2016. The IFSA methodology was replaced in 2016. As such, the information on this page is no longer updated. A new site with the new IFSA model and relevant datasets is under preparation.



Data Set Last Updated Next Update
Central Africa 7/10/2017
Western Africa 7/10/2017
East Africa 7/10/2017
Southern Africa 7/10/2017
East/Southeast Asia 7/10/2017
Central Asia/Commonwealth of Independent States 7/10/2017
Latin America and the Caribbean 7/10/2017
North Africa 7/10/2017