International Food Consumption Patterns

Note: This data product is no longer being updated.

Total and marginal budget shares and income and price elasticities are estimated, using 2005 ICP data, for nine broad consumption groups and eight food subgroups across 144 countries.

Broad product categories include: Food, beverages, and tobacco; Clothing and footwear; Housing; Household furnishings and operations; Medical care and health; Recreation; Transportation and communications; Education; and Other items. Food sub categories include: Bread and cereals; Meats; Fish; Dairy products; Fats and oils; Fruit and vegetables; Beverages and tobacco; and Other food products.

For each of the 144 countries, data are presented on per capita food group share of total expenditures by income group, individual food subgroup share of total food budgets, and income and price elasticities for the broad groups and food subgroups.

Errata: On September 4, 2013, the country tables were revised to reflect corrections made to the source report: International Evidence on Food Consumption Patterns: An Update Using 2005 International Comparison Project Data, TB-1929. The ordering of country names was corrected and estimation methods clarified in table notes

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