Fruit and Tree Nuts Yearbook Tables

The Fruit and Tree Nuts Yearbook tables contain over 20 years of time-series data for U.S. bearing acreage, production, prices, crop value, trade, per capita use, and more. Yearbook tables from previous years are available Fruit and Tree Nuts Yearbook: Database.

Data coverage for melons was included in the Fruit and Tree Nuts Yearbook tables beginning in 2012. Melon data for years prior to 2012 can be found in the Vegetable and Pulses Yearbook and earlier editions of the Vegetables and Melons Yearbook. 

Data tables are consolidated into eight workbook files: General, Noncitrus Fruit, Citrus Fruit, Berries, Melons, Tree Nuts, Supply and Utilization, and U.S. Trade. A list of all tables is available below. 

The tables will be organized as follows: 

Table A-1 through A-18 in the General file 
Table B-1 through B-33 in the Noncitrus Fruit file 
Table C-1 through C-30 in the Citrus Fruit file 
Table D-1 through D-10 in the Berries file 
Table E-1 through E-19 in the Melons file 
Table F-1 through F-18 in the Tree Nuts file 
Table G-1 through G-45 in the Supply and Utilization file 
Table H-1 through H-5 in the U.S. Trade file 

All tables will also be available in the All Yearbook tables file below.  


Data Set Last Updated Next Update
U.S. per capita availability, production and value, bearing acreage, cash receipts, price, and marketing spreads 11/7/2023
Noncitrus Fruit
Noncitrus production and value, price, yield per acre, and bearing acreage 11/7/2023
Citrus Fruit
Citrus production, bearing acreage, yield per acre, equivalent-on-tree returns, and juice stock, pack, and movement 11/7/2023
Berries commercial acreage, yield per acre, production, and grower price 11/7/2023
U.S. per capita availability of melons, harvested area, production, cash receipts, shipments, price, supply and availability, and trade 11/7/2023
Tree Nuts
Tree nuts bearing acreage, yield per acre, gross returns per acre, production and value, price, and supply and availability 11/7/2023
Supply and Utilization
Fruit and tree nut U.S. supply and availability: fresh, canned, juice, dried; per capita availability, U.S. population 11/7/2023
U.S. Trade
Import share of domestic availability: fresh, canned, frozen, juice, and dried fruit 11/7/2023
All Yearbook tables 11/7/2023