Fruit and Tree Nuts Historical Data

The collection below presents historical data for select noncitrus fruit and melon commodities. Most are fresh fruit data. Apple includes apple products, such as apple juice. Melon data provide usual planting and harvesting dates. The Excel datasets cover U.S. national- and State-level acreage, yield, production, disappearance, prices, crop value, and trade. Some datasets also cover world production, acreage, and trade. The zip files below include the Excel spreadsheets and a “readme” text file. 

Data Set Last Updated Next Update
U.S. apple statistics 5/1/2012
U.S. blueberry statistics 6/1/2013
U.S. cantaloupe statistics 6/19/2013
U.S. strawberry statistics 6/1/2013
U.S. watermelon statistics 6/1/2013