Fertilizer Use and Price

This product brings together 1960-2012 data on fertilizer consumption in the United States by plant nutrient and major selected product, as well as consumption of mixed fertilizers, secondary nutrients, and micronutrients. Share of crop area receiving fertilizer and fertilizer use per receiving acre, by nutrient, are presented for the major producing States for corn, cotton, soybeans, and wheat. Additional data include fertilizer farm prices and indices of wholesale fertilizer price. Fertilizer price data are through 2013.

Fertilizer price data (table 7) have been updated through 2013. Fertilizer price indexes (table 8) have been updated through 2012. Fertilizer consumption and use (tables 1-6) have been updated through 2011. Fertilizer consumption and use for soybeans (tables 21 to 26) and for wheat (tables 27 to 32) have been updated through 2012. Crop-specific updates occur when survey data from the Agricultural Resource Management Survey and NASS' Agricultural Chemical Usage Data become available.

Data Set Last Updated Next Update
A single Excel workbook with all tables in multiple worksheets
All fertilizer use and price tables in a single workbook 7/12/2013