Feed Grains: Yearbook Tables

This data product contains statistics on four feed grains (corn, grain sorghum, barley, and oats), foreign coarse grains (feed grains plus rye, millet, and mixed grains), hay, and related items. This includes data published in the monthly Feed Outlook and previously annual Feed Yearbook. Data are monthly, quarterly, and/or annual depending upon the data series.

Latest data may be preliminary or projected. Missing values indicate unreported values, discontinued series, or not yet released data.

All data in the Feed Grains Yearbook tables will be also released each month through the Feed Grains Custom Query database at 12:00 the day after the release of WASDE. Users are able to download data from the database into Excel files.

Data Set Last Updated Next Update
All tables in one file
Feed Grains Yearbook Data Tables - All Years 3/13/2024 4/16/2024
Feed Grains Yearbook Data Tables - Recent 3/13/2024 4/16/2024
Zipped CSV files
Zipped CSV File 3/13/2024 4/16/2024