Weather-adjusted 2013 corn yield expectation at 163.6 bushels per acre

A chart showing the weather adjusted corn yields in the United States.

Several years of poor weather during the U.S. growing season have resulted in below-trend corn yields for the last 3 years. Thus, assessing the effects of weather on recent yields is important for determining underlying trend yields for these crops as well as expected yields for the 2013 season. A weather-adjusted yield model was developed for corn to provide this information. Weather effects on corn yields were examined over the past 25 years. Measured effects of weather were then netted out to derive a weather-adjusted U.S. corn yield projection for 2013. The resulting mean expected yield for corn is 163.6 bushels per acre. Higher or lower corn yields could result for different realized weather during the upcoming growing season. This chart is from Weather Effects on Expected Corn and Soybean Yields PDF icon (16x16), February 2013.

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