U.S. cash receipts for livestock products forecast up in 2012

A chart showing the U.S. cash receipts received for selected livestock products, years 2008 to a forecast for 2012.

Gains are predicted in all livestock categories except hogs and dairy. Receipts for cattle and calves are predicted to increase in 2012 reflecting large anticipated price increases for cattle and veal in 2012. The slight decline predicted in hog receipts reflects a forecast decline in the hog annual price. Cash receipts for dairy are expected to decline despite USDA expectations of more milk cows producing more milk per cow in 2012. The average annual price of milk, despite recent gains, is expected to remain lower than in 2011. Increased broiler cash receipts reflect USDA expectations of price increases. Turkey receipts are also expected to benefit from higher prices in 2012. Chicken egg receipts are forecast to increase reflecting more eggs sold at a higher annual average price. This chart appeared in the Farm Sector Income & Finances topic page on the ERS website, updated November 2012.

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