Bananas and apples remain America's favorite fresh fruits

A chart showing the most commonly consumed fresh fruits among U.S. consumers.

According to ERS's loss-adjusted food availability data, Americans consumed an average of 46.5 pounds of fresh fruit per person in 2010, up from 34.7 pounds in 1970. While bananas and apples still top the list of most popular fresh fruits, the amount of bananas consumed grew from 7 pounds per person in 1970 to 10.4 pounds in 2010, whereas consumption of fresh apples decreased from 10.4 pounds to 9.5 pounds. Watermelons and grapes moved up in the rankings, while per person consumption of fresh oranges fell by 2.1 pounds over the last four decades. Strawberries replaced pears on the list of America's most commonly consumed fresh fruits. The data for this chart come from ERS's Food Availability (Per Capita) Data System, updated August 20, 2012.

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