Almonds account for the largest share of U.S. tree nut exports

A chart showing U.S. tree nut exports.

The United States leads the world in the production and export of tree nuts-producing more than one-tenth of the world's tree nuts and accounting for about a quarter of world exports. Over 45 percent of U.S. tree nut supplies were exported during the 2000s, on average. Almonds have accounted for nearly 70 percent of tree nut export volume in recent years, followed by walnuts (accounting for over 10 percent) and pistachios (about 9 percent). The major export destinations for U.S. tree nuts are Spain, Germany, and the Netherlands in the European Union; Canada and Mexico; and Hong Kong, Japan, India, China, South Korea, Vietnam, and Taiwan in Asia. This chart is found in the Fruit and Tree Nuts topic on the ERS website, updated February 2011.

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