Mozzarella is America's favorite cheese

A pie chart showing the share of the type of cheeses consumed per person in 2009.

In 2009, U.S. cheese availability (a proxy for consumption) stood at 32.8 pounds per person. Mozzarella edged out cheddar as America's favorite cheese, with the two cheeses together accounting for 63 percent of cheese availability in 2009. Per capita cheese availability has almost tripled since 1970, when it was 11.4 pounds per person. Cheese owes much of its growth to the spread of Italian and Mexican eateries in the U.S. and to innovative, convenient packaging, such as shredded cheese for recipes and string cheese for lunch boxes. This chart appeared in the December 2011 issue of Amber Waves magazine. More information can be found in the Food Availability (Per Capita) Data System on the ERS website.

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