There is considerable regional disparity in the outlook for 2011 farm business income

Map of the U.S. showing 2011 farm business net cash income forecast.

The potential for record or near-record prices for corn, soybeans, and cotton will result in much higher average net cash incomes for farm businesses in the Heartland (17.5 percent above 2010) and Mississippi Portal (16.3 percent above 2010) regions. These potential gains in farm business net cash income follow estimated 20-percent increases in each region from 2009 to 2010. Average farm business income is forecast to decline in 4 regions in 2011. The largest declines are expected in the Basin and Range and Eastern Uplands. Both are regions where livestock account for the majority of farm value of production. In the Fruitful Rim, where specialty crops and dairy are prominent commodities, incomes are expected to fall by almost 14 percent. In the Northern Crescent, where dairy is prominent, average net cash income is forecast to decrease by nearly 8 percent, following the strongest revival in net cash income among all regions in 2010. This figure is from the Farm Income and Costs: Farm Business Income briefing room, February 2011.

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