Exports expand the market for U.S. agricultural products

Vertical bar chart showing exports as a share of U.S. agricultural production for 2013-23 with food and feed grains having the highest shares among categories

The share of U.S. agricultural and food production sold outside the country indicates the level of these sectors’ dependence on foreign markets. The commodities with the highest export share (whose export shares account for 40 percent or more of their total market value) include fruits and tree nuts, oilseeds, and food grains such as rice and wheat. The United States tends to export a higher share of non-manufactured products than manufactured products. Non-manufactured products include food grains such as rice and wheat, oilseeds—and tree nuts such as almonds. The United States exports a lower share of manufactured products—such as sweeteners, bakery products, and dairy products. Since 2008, the overall export share of U.S. agricultural production has remained relatively constant at approximately 20 percent.

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