Management Directory

Office of the Administrator (OA)

Administrator (Acting):  Chris Hartley 
Associate Administrator:  Greg Pompelli
Assistant Administrator:  Ephraim Leibtag
Director of Communications:  Jennifer Smits
Training and Career Development Officer:  Alia M. Shabazz
Civil Rights Director:  Vacant
Director for Administrative and Financial Services:  Itzel del C. Sclopis

Food Economics Division (FED)

Director:  Jayachandran Variyam
Associate Director:  Abebayehu Tegene
Deputy Director for Research and Product Coordinator:  Constance Newman 
Deputy Director for Food Economics Data:  Mark Denbaly
Assistant Director for Communications:  Carolyn Rogers
Diet, Safety, and Health Economics Branch Chief:  Jean Buzby
Food Assistance Branch Chief: Michele Ver Ploeg
Food Markets Branch Chief:  Timothy Park

Information Services Division (ISD)

Director:  Tony Williams
Associate Director:  Camille Haylock
Chief Information Security Officer:  Angela Pompey
Applications Development Branch Chief:  Karl Gudmunds
Information Technology Services Branch Chief:  Chris O'Donnell
Publishing Services Branch Chief:  Kimberly Ross
Research Support Branch Chief:  Vince Breneman
Web Services Branch Chief:  Mary Maher

Market and Trade Economics Division (MTED)

Director: Gopi Munisamy
Associate Director: Cynthia Nickerson
Deputy Director for Outlook and Staff Analysis Coordinator (Acting): William Liefert
Deputy Director for Data Management and Budget: Lewrene Glaser
Assistant Director for Communications (Acting): Birgit Meade 
Agricultural Policy and Models Branch Chief:  Joseph Cooper
Animal Products and Cost of Production Branch Chief: Jeffrey Gillespie
Crops Branch Chief: Suzanne Thornsbury
International Trade and Development Branch Chief (Acting): Steven Zahniser 

Resource and Rural Economics Division (RRED)

Director:  Marca Weinberg
Associate Director:  Robert Gibbs
Deputy Director for Research and Communications (Acting): Elizabeth Marshall
Deputy Director for Management, Data and Staff Analysis:  Utpal Vasavada
Data and Survey Coordinator:  Robert Dubman
Assistant Director for Communications:  Kathleen Kassel
Conservation and Environment Branch Chief:  Kelly B. Maguire
Farm Economy Branch Chief:  Jeffrey Hopkins
Rural Economy Branch Chief:  John Pender
Structure, Technology and Productivity Branch Chief:  James MacDonald

See: Organizational Chart