2020 Research Innovation and Development Grants in Economics (RIDGE) Conference 


11-11:15     Opening remarks

Jay Variyam, director, Food Economics Division, Economic Research Service, USDA

Melissa Abelev, assistant deputy administrator for policy support, Food Nutrition Service, USDA

Parke Wilde, Tufts/UConn RIDGE program director

Session A: Effect of Child Nutrition Program Changes on Student Outcomes

Moderator: Tatiana Andreyeva, Tufts/UConn RIDGE program associate director

11:15-11:45     Did the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act Help Improve Dietary Quality Among School-age Children?

Pourya Valizadeh, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

11:45-12:15     Breakfast in the Classroom, Body Mass Index, and Academic Outcomes

Michael Thomsen, University of Arkansas

12:15-12:30     Break

Session B: Labor Policy Implications for SNAP

Moderator: Sara John, Tufts University

12:30-1     SNAP and Work-related Policies: An In-depth Analysis of Low-wage Worker Perspectives and Behaviors

Caitlin Caspi, University of Minnesota

1-1:30     Labor Supply Distortions from Nutrition Assistance Programs: Evidence From a Bunching Estimator

Jason Cook, University of Pittsburgh

1:30-1:45     Break

Session C: Role of Nutrition Assistance in Key Demographic Groups

Moderator: Leslie Hodges, Economic Research Service, USDA


1:45-2:15     Understanding Barriers to SNAP Enrollment Among College Students

Maggie Dickinson, CUNY Guttman

2:15-2:45     SNAP, School Meals, and the Food Security of Multigenerational Households

Agustina Laurito, University of Illinois at Chicago

2:45-3     Break

Session D: WIC/SNAP and the Wellbeing of Families with Young Children

Moderator: Courtney Paolicelli, Food Nutrition Service, USDA

3-3:30     Food Insecurity and Child Food Consumption Patterns Among WIC Participating Families in Los Angeles County Within the Context of the WIC Food Package Change and WIC + SNAP Concurrent Participation

Pia Chaparro, Tulane University

3:30-4     Does Maternal Depression Caused by Food Insufficiency Influence Parenting Practices and Impact Infant Wellbeing? The role of SNAP.

Irma Arteaga, University of Missouri

4-4:15     Closing Remarks and Adjournment

Parke Wilde, Tufts/UConn RIDGE program director

Christian Gregory, chief, Food Assistance Branch, Economic Research Service, USDA

4:15-4:45     Virtual networking/social time