Peyton Ferrier

Peyton Ferrier



Peyton Ferrier has been an economist in the Markets and Trade Division of the USDA’s Economic Research Service since 2006, specializing in consumer demand analysis, industrial organization, and regulation.  His recent work considers the causes of consumer shifts to greater fresh vegetable consumption, the producer costs to implementing the produce safety rules of the Food Safety Modernization Act, the market effects of changing honey bee health, and the trade effects of phytosanitary regulations of U.S. fruit and vegetable imports.


Prior to his work at ERS, Peyton Ferrier served as assistant professor at Ursinus College in Pennsylvania and as an economist at the USDA’s Packers and Stockyard Administration, a USDA agency that investigates anti-competitive market practices in livestock industries. Prior to graduate school, he also served in AmeriCorps as a Volunteer in Service to America (VISTA) at the Mountain Microenterprise Fund in Asheville, NC.  In 2009, he served on a 4-month detail in the Plant Protection and Quarantine programs at USDA-APHIS.


Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD – Bachelor of Arts of Economics

North Carolina State University, Raleigh, North Carolina – Ph.D. in Economics  

Professional Affiliations

American Economic Association, Agriculture and Applied Economics Association, Northeastern Agricultural and Resource Economics Association, International Association of Agricultural Economists.

Selected Publications

Ferrier, P. M., R. R.  Rucker, W. N.  Thurman, and M. Burgett. Economic Effects and Responses to Changing Honey Bee Health . USDA, ERS Economic Research Report 246, 2018.

Ferrier, Peyton M, and Chen Zhen. "The Role of Income in Explaining the Shift from Preserved to Fresh Vegetable Purchases," Journal of Agricultural & Resource Economics 42, 2017

Ferrier, Peyton, and Chen Zhen. "The Producer Welfare Effects of Trade Liberalization When Goods Are Perishable and Habit-Forming: The Case of Asparagus," Agricultural Economics 45:129-41, 2014.

Ferrier, P. M. The Effects of Phytosanitary Regulations on U.S. Imports of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables. USDA, ERS Economic Research Report 168, 2014.

Ferrier, P. M., and J. C. Buzby. "The Limits of Food Safety Testing: A Case Study of Escherichia Coli Testing of Beef Trim." Food Control 38(2014): 227-34.

Ferrier, Peyton M., and Jean C. Buzby. "The Economic Efficiency of Sampling Size: The Case of Beef Trim." Risk Analysis 33(2013)3: 368-84.