Noah Miller

Research Agricultural Economist


Noah Miller is a research agricultural economist in the Farm Economy Branch in the Resource and Rural Economics Division of USDA's Economic Research Service (ERS). His research focuses on agricultural banking and the impact of marketing decisions on farm financial well-being.


Before joining USDA, ERS, Noah was a USDA, National Institute of Food and Agriculture predoctoral fellow in the Department of Agricultural Economics at Kansas State University. He received his PhD from Kansas State University in 2020.

Selected Publications

Miller, N., Tack, J., & Bergtold, J. (2021). The impacts of warming temperatures on U.S. sorghum yields and the potential for adaptation. American Journal of Agricultural Economics103(5), 1742–1758.

Miller, N., Bergtold, J. & Featherstone, A. (2019). Economic elasticities of input substitution using data envelopment analysis. PLoS ONE14(8), e0220478.