Mark Jekanowski

Deputy Director for Outlook and Staff Analysis Coordinator


Mark Jekanowski is Deputy Director for Outlook in the Market and Trade Economics Division (MTED). He is also MTED’s Staff Analysis Coordinator.


Mark joined ERS as an agricultural economist in the Food Markets Branch in 1998. He left ERS in 2000 to become a Senior Consultant at Sparks Companies (later renamed Informa Economics) in McLean Va.  He was promoted to Vice President in 2003, and in 2008 was named a Senior Vice President and Head of the Washington, DC office.  In 2011 Mark returned to ERS as Chief of the Crops Branch in MTED, and in January 2015 became Deputy Director for Outlook and MTED Staff Analysis coordinator.


Mark received Ph.D. and M.S degrees in agricultural economics from Purdue University, and a B.S. in Resource Economics from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

Selected Publications

Jekanowski, M.D., J.K. Binkley, and J. Eales. “Convenience, Accessibility, and the Demand for Fast Food,” Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics 26(1):58-74, July 2001.

Jekanowski, M.D. and J.K. Binkley. “Food Purchase Diversity across U.S. Markets,” Agribusiness: An International Journal 16(4):417-33, autumn 2000.

Jekanowski, M.D., D. Williams II, and W.A. Schiek. “Consumers’ Willingness to Purchase Locally Produced Agricultural Products: An Analysis of an Indiana Survey,” Agricultural and Resource Economics Review 29(1), April 2000.

Jekanowski, M.D., J.T. Akridge, B.W. Brorsen, S. Mauney, and A. Schinckel. “Measuring the Effects of PST on Swine Carcass Value,” Review of Agricultural Economics 18(1):21-30, January 1996.

Binkley, J.K., J. Eales, M.D. Jekanowski, and R. Dooley. “Competitive Behavior of National Brands: The Case of Orange Juice,” Agribusiness: An International Journal 17(1):139-60, winter 2001.

Binkley, J.K., J. Eales, and M.D. Jekanowski. “The Relation between Dietary Change and Rising U.S. Obesity,” International Journal of Obesity 24(8):1032-39, August 2000.