Maria Bowman

Maria Bowman

Research Agricultural Economist (Conservation Liaison)


Maria is a Research Agricultural Economist in the Conservation and Environment Branch of the Resource and Rural Economics Division. She studies the economic and environmental impacts of conservation and soil health management in U.S. agriculture, including the costs and benefits of cover crop use for farmers and for society.

In her role as Conservation Liaison, she represents ERS’ conservation work to USDA and external stakeholders, and incorporates stakeholder priorities and feedback into the research process. She also leads ERS’ work developing public-facing information on the conservation title of the farm bill.

Maria’s previous research has considered the economics of antibiotic use in U.S. livestock operations, economic issues related to process-based/sustainability labeling, agricultural drivers of deforestation in Brazil, and the economics of smallholder agriculture and natural resource use in Brazil and Mozambique.    


Maria worked at ERS from 2014-2018, and re-joined ERS in 2021. From 2018-2021, she served as Lead Scientist for the Soil Health Partnership, a program of the National Corn Growers Association that partners with farmers to trial soil health management practices and collect on-farm data to evaluate the economic and environmental risks and benefits. Maria has also held research and project management roles at the Natural Resources Defense Council (2013-2014), and the Woodwell Climate Research Center (2006-2008).


Maria received a Ph.D. in Agricultural and Resource Economics from the University of California, Berkeley. She also earned an M.S. in Forestry from Virginia Tech and a B.S. in Environmental Science from Juniata College.

Professional Affiliations

Agricultural and Applied Economics Association
Soil and Water Conservation Society
Association of Environmental and Resource Economists

Selected Publications

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