Kelly B. Maguire

Kelly B. Maguire

Branch Chief


Kelly Maguire is the Chief of the Conservation and Environment Branch in the Resource and Rural Economics Division. She manages a suite of research focused on domestic conservation; natural resources, environment, and agricultural systems; and organic agriculture, as well as data collection and modeling work. 

Kelly's research and expertise includes non-market valuation of ecosystem services and health impacts, distributional analysis of environmental impacts, and benefit-cost analysis. 


Kelly joined ERS in April 2018 having previously spent almost 19 years as an Economist in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s National Center for Environmental Economics where she conducted research and provided technical expertise on a broad range of regulatory actions. In addition, she wrote guidance documents on conducting environmental justice analysis and valuing reductions in environmental and health risks. 


Kelly received a Ph.D. in Economics from Georgia State University and a B.A. in Economics and Political Science from the University of Rochester. 

Professional Affiliations

Association of Environmental and Resource Economics; Agricultural and Applied Economics Association; Society for Benefit Cost Analysis; American Economics Association

Selected Publications

Simon, Nathalie B., Chris Dockins, Kelly B. Maguire, Stephen C. Newbold, Alan J. Krupnick, and Laura O. Taylor. 2019. "Policy Brief—What’s in a Name? A Search for Alternatives to VSL," Review of Environmental Economics and Policy 13(1):155–161.

Moore, Chris; Dennis Guignet, Chris Dockings, Kelly B. Maguire, and Nathalie B. Simon. 2018. "Valuing Ecological Improvements in the Chesapeake Bay and the Importance of Ancillary Benefits," Journal of Benefit Cost Analysis 9(1):1-26. 

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