Gustavo Ferreira



GUSTAVO FERREIRA is a Research Economist with the Crop Branch in the Market and Trade Economics Division. His current research focus is U.S. Organic Agriculture. In depth research on the supply side of U.S. organic markets, including price analysis, international trade, and industrial organization, contributes to understanding the efficiency in these markets. He covers U.S. citrus markets as part of the ERS Fruit and Tree Nut Outlook program. 


Gustavo joined ERS in September 2015 after working for 5 years as a faculty member at Virginia Tech’s Department of Agricultural & Applied Economics. He also worked for the Louisiana State University Agricultural Center as a postdoc researcher and participated in a multi-institutional project funded by the National Center for Food Protection and Defense, University of Minnesota.


Gustavo received his Ph.D in agricultural economics from Louisiana State University in 2009.


Professional Affiliations

Gustavo is a member of the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association and the Northeastern Agricultural and Resource Economics Association.

Selected Publications

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