Gianna Short

Gianna Short

Research Agricultural Economist


Gianna Short is a Research Agricultural Economist in the Food Markets Branch of USDA’s Economic Research Service. She produces the monthly Food Price Outlook which forecasts retail food price inflation and analyzes current price trends. Gianna earned her PhD in Applied Economics from the University of Minnesota in December 2018. Prior to graduate school, she lived in Maine working directly with small farms and providing analysis of state agricultural policy issues. Her research focuses on the ways consumer demand influences prices and production.

Selected Publications

Short, G., C. Yue, M. Abbey, N. Anderson, N. Phelps, P. Venturelli, and Z. Vickers. 2018. "Consumer preferences for aquaponic produce: Implications from an experimental auction." Agribusiness.

Delbridge, T.A., R.P. King, G. Short, and K. James. 2017. "Risk and Red Tape: Barriers to Organic Transition for U.S. Farmers." Choices. Qtr. 4.  

Short, G., C. Yue, N. Anderson, N. Phelps, and C. Russell. 2017. “Consumer perceptions of aquaponic systems.” HortTechnology. 27(3):358-366.