Flavius Badau

Flavius Badau



Flavius D. Badau is a Research Economist with the Agricultural Policy and Models Branch in the Market and Trade Economics Division. His research activities focus on trends in international trade as it relates to U.S. agriculture and U.S. commodity policy modelling and projections. He is also responsible for supporting the division’s baseline analysis and agricultural policy factors affecting near- and long-term prospects for the global agricultural markets. His current research centers on analyzing the performance of the agricultural sector (domestically and abroad), and investigating factors which limit trade.


After completing his Ph.D., Flavius joined the Economic Research Service in March 2015. Previously, Flavius worked as a Credit Union Examiner for the State of Michigan and as an Adjunct Professor for Central Michigan University, Northwood University, Delta College, and Lansing Community College.


Ph.D. in Applied Economics, Oregon State University, 2015
M.A. in Economics, The University of Toledo, 2008
B.S. in Business Administration, Central Michigan University, 2006

Selected Publications

Badau, F., R. Färe, G. Munisamy. 2016. “Global resilience to climate change: Examining global economic and environmental performance resulting from a global carbon dioxide market,” Resource and Energy Economics 45:46-64.

Badau, F. 2015. “Ranking Trade Barriers Using Data Envelopment Analysis,” European Journal of Operational Research 247(3):978-986.