David J. Smith

David Smith

Agricultural Economist


David Smith is an Agricultural Economist in the Conservation and Environmental Branch in the Resource and Rural Economics Division. With a focus on conservation on working agricultural land, David's current research includes work on conservation practices, Federal conservation programs, pollinators, pests, and pest management.


David interned with ERS in 2011 and 2012, and has been an Agricultural Economist at ERS since 2015. Between 2010 and 2015, he was a researcher at the Center for Integrated Natural Resources and Agricultural Management, working on perennial bioenergy production and agroforestry.


David earned a Ph.D. in Applied Economics and a B.S. in Environmental Studies and Political Science, both from the University of Minnesota.

Selected Publications

Wechsler, S. and D. Smith. 2018. "Has Resistance Taken Root in U.S. Corn Fields? Demand for Insect Control," American Journal of Agricultural Economics 100(4):1136–1150.

Classen, R., E. Duquette and D. Smith. 2018. "Additionality in U.S. Agricultural Conservation Programs," Land Economics 94(1):19-35.