Carolyn Chelius



Carolyn Chelius is an Agricultural Economist in the Food Markets Branch in the Food Economics Division. She works primarily on the Food Price Outlook data product. Her research interests converge at the intersection of nutrition, agriculture, and policy.


Carolyn joined the Economic Research Service in June 2020, after earning her M.S. at Tufts University. Prior to Tufts, she spent two years working as the Food Literacy Project Manager at Harvard University. During this time, she also worked as a research assistant under Dr. Robert Paarlberg, studying the political feasibility of soda taxes, and the political feasibility of incentives and restrictions in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) in the Farm Bill.


Carolyn holds an M.S. in Food and Nutrition Policy and Programs from Tufts University. She holds dual B.A. degrees in Economics and Environmental Studies from Wellesley College.

Selected Publications

Paarlberg, R., D. Mozaffarian, R. Micha, and C. Chelius. 2018. "Keeping soda in SNAP: understanding the other iron triangle," Society, 55(4), 308-317.