Brent Hueth

Branch Chief


Brent Hueth is chief of the Structure, Technology, and Productivity Branch in the Resource and Rural Economics Division of USDA's Economic Research Service. His work focuses on the economics of agricultural technical change, science policy, and productivity growth.


Ph.D. in agricultural and natural resource economics, University of Maryland at College Park

B.S. in economics, University of Oregon

Professional Affiliations

Agricultural & Applied Economics Association

American Economics Association

Selected Publications

Hutchins, Jared P., Brent Hueth, and Guilherme Rosa. Quantifying Heterogeneous Returns to Genetic Selection: Evidence from Wisconsin Dairies. No. w26417. National Bureau of Economic Research, 2019.

Dunn, Richard A., and Brent Hueth. "Food and agricultural industries: Opportunities for improving measurement and reporting." American Journal of Agricultural Economics 99.2 (2017): 510-523.

National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. Improving Data Collection and Measurement of Complex Farms. National Academies Press, 2019.

Hueth, Brent, and Philippe Marcoul. "Incentive pay for CEOs in cooperative firms." American Journal of Agricultural Economics 91.5 (2009): 1218-1223.

Hueth, Brent, Ethan Ligon, and Carolyn Dimitri. "Agricultural contracts: Data and research needs." American Journal of Agricultural Economics 89.5 (2007): 1276-1281.