Brandon Genetin

Research Agricultural Economist


Brandon Genetin is a research agricultural economist in the Rural Economy Branch of the Resource and Rural Economics Division at USDA’s Economic Research Service (ERS).


Brandon joined ERS in 2022. His research focuses on labor and education economics in the rural United States and the implications of occupational mismatches—the discrepancies between workers’ skills and those required by the job—at the individual and regional levels. Additionally, he maintains a strong research interest in other regional economic topics, like migration—as well as a broader research interest in diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives, and mitigating systemic disadvantages to minority populations.


Ph.D., Applied Economics, The Ohio State University (2022)
M.S., Agricultural, Environmental and Development Economics, The Ohio State University (2020)
B.A., Economics, The University of Akron (2017)
B.S., Applied Mathematics, The University of Akron (2017)