Amber Waves Awards

Each year, the Amber Waves Editorial Board and an external committee of distinguished judges select the best articles—features, findings, data feature, and indicator item—of the year. The 2004 honorees received their awards at a ceremony in April, along with the winners of the inaugural Helios Awards (see Amber Waves, June 2005, Volume 3, Issue 3). ERS congratulates the winners and the many other ERS staffers who supported these award-winning articles.

Best Feature - Winner

(l to r): Stacey Rosen and Shahla Shapouri

  • “Fifty Years of U.S. Food Aid and Its Role in Reducing World Hunger” (September 2004)

Best Feature - Honorable Mention

(l to r): David McGranahan, Patrick Sullivan, Daniel Hellerstein, and Stephen Vogel

  • “Farmland Retirement's Impact on Rural Growth” (November 2004)

Best Findings - Winners

(l to r): Fred Kuchler, Janet Perry, Stan Daberkow, and Dean Jolliffe (Not pictured): James M. MacDonald

  • “Taxing Snacks To Reduce Obesity” (November 2004, Fred Kuchler)
  • “Contract Use Continues To Expand” (November 2004, James M. MacDonald & Janet Perry)
  • “Economic Risks of Soybean Rust in the U.S. Vary by Region” (September 2004, Stan Daberkow)
  • “Persistent Poverty Is More Pervasive in Nonmetro Counties” (September 2004, Dean Jolliffe)

Best Data Feature & Indicator - Winners

(l to r): Stephen MacDonald, Marlow Vesterby, Kenneth S. Krupa, Thomas Vollrath, and Mark Gehlhar

  • “The Changing World Network of Trade in Textiles and Apparel” (September 2004, Thomas Vollrath,Mark Gehlhar, & Stephen MacDonald)
  • “Estimating U.S. Cropland Area” (November 2004, Marlow Vesterby & Kenneth S. Krupa)