Farm, Rural, and Natural Resources Indicators
 Annual percent change
Cash receipts ($ billion)169.5192.1200.1195.1211.6235.4f1.38.511.2
Direct government payments ($ billion)9.322.920.711.015.914.5f9.444.5-8.8
Gross cash income ($ billion)186.9228.7235.6222.0243.9266.1f2.09.99.1
Net cash income ($ billion)52.756.759.550.768.677.8f0.735.313.4
Net value added ($ billion)80.891.994.178.8101.4118.0f1.328.716.4
Farm equity ($ billion)702.61,025.61,070.21,110.71,180.81,247.0f3.96.35.6
Farm debt-asset ratio16.414.814.814.814.414.2f-1.0-2.7-1.4
Farm household income ($/farm household)38,23761,94764,11765,75768,506f71,102f4.94.23.8
Farm household income relative to average U.S. household income (%)103.1108.6110.2113.7nana0.5nana
Nonmetro-metro difference in poverty rates (%points)
Cropland harvested (million acres)310314311307315312p0.12.6-1.0
USDA Conservation Program expenditures ($ billion)
f= Forecast. p = Preliminary. q = 2002 Administration request. na = Not available.
1 Based on October-September fiscal years ending with year indicated.
Food and Fiber Sector Indicators
 Annual percent change
U.S. gross domestic product ($ billion)15,8039,82510,08210,44610,863fna5.44.0na
Food and fiber share (%)15.112.612.3nanana-1.8nana
Farm sector share (%)
Total agricultural imports ($ billion)222.738.939.041.045.752.75.511.515.3
Total agricultural exports ($ billion)240.350.752.753.356.
Export share of the volume of U.S. agricultural production (%)18.217.617.716.517.9na-0.38.5na
CPI for food (1982-84=100)132.4167.9173.1176.2180.0186.
Share of U.S. disposable income spent on food (%)
Share of total food expenditures for at-home consumption (%)55.453.353.953.853.1na-0.4-1.3na
Farm-to-retail price spread (1982-84=100)144.5210.3215.4221.2nana3.8nana
Total USDA food and nutrition assistance spending ($ billion)224.932.634.238.041.846.12.710.010.3
f= Forecast. p = Preliminary. na = Not available.
1 Forecast for 2003 based on the Office of Management and Budget's Midsession Budget Review, July 2003.
2 Based on October-September fiscal years ending with year indicated.