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Farm Sector Profitability Expected To Weaken in 2015
U.S. net farm income is forecast to be $55.9 billion in 2015, down 38.2 percent from 2014’s estimate of $90.4 billion. The median income of farm households is forecast to decrease slightly in 2015, to $78,284.

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Newsroom image for ERS report "Climate Change, Water Scarcity, and Adaptation in the U.S. Fieldcrop Sector" (ERR-201)
Climate Change To Alter Fieldcrop Production in Key U.S. Regions
U.S. irrigated fieldcrop acreage, and water used, are projected to decline with long-term climate change, due to factors including changes in precipitation, shifts in surface-water availability, and temperature-stressed crop growth.
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Economics of Antibiotic Use in U.S. Livestock Production
How widespread is use of antibiotics in U.S. livestock? What would be the affect on farmer practices and profits, and on supplies and prices, if antibiotic use for productivity-enhancing purposes were limited?
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Is Reputation an Incentive for Higher Food Safety Performance?
Suppliers of raw chicken to the National School Lunch Program had modestly better food safety performance on Salmonella spp. tests than chicken slaughter establishments supplying the commercial market.
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China's Animal Feed Industry Is Now World's Largest
China’s commercial feed industry plays a critical role in supporting growth of the country’s livestock sector. The feed industry’s need for raw materials has been key to lowering China’s barriers to agricultural imports.

Last updated: Tuesday, November 24, 2015

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