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California Drought: Farm and Food Impacts
Information on impacts of the California drought is updated. The drought is likely to have major impacts on the State’s agricultural production, with implications for supplies of some items and for food prices.

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Newsroom image for ERS report "Trends in U.S. Local and Regional Food Systems: A Report to Congress" (AP-068)
What's Behind the Doubling of U.S. Ag Output Over 60 Years?
With little growth in aggregate input use over the last six decades, the extraordinary performance of the U.S. farm sector was driven mainly by productivity growth, at an average annual rate of 1.42 percent. Is the growth sustainable?
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The Profit Potential of Certified Organic Field Crop Production
Organic corn, soybean, and wheat production has higher total economic costs and lower yields than conventional production. However, price premiums paid to organic producers are an important factor offsetting the higher costs.
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Middle East and North Africa Region: Key Driver of Agricultural Trade
Growing populations and incomes in the Middle East and North Africa region are increasing food and feed demand which domestic production alone cannot meet. Opportunities will expand for U.S. exports – along with stiffer world competition.
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Comparing Manufacturers' Bids for WIC's Infant Formula Contracts
In many States, there is a large disparity between the winning manufacturers’ bids for WIC contracts and the bids of the first runners-up, as each manufacturer’s bid involves a rebate to the State program that lowers the price to WIC.

Last updated: Tuesday, July 14, 2015

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