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To spur innovative applications of ERS data in the public and private sectors, this area connects developers, researchers, and digital professionals with machine-readable data, web services, and other related technical resources. Use our Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to gain programmatic access to website content (including charts and publications) and select data (including GIS)—or grab our widgets already built from the APIs!

About the APIs

ERS uses the shared, interagency service to provide an optimized experience for users. Register once, and gain universal acceess to any Open Government data using the service. Use of this API is subject to ERS Terms of Service.

The APIs support REST-formatted requests. Responses are returned in JSON or XML, depending on the content type specified in the request header.

The Charts of Note widget is an example of what a developer can do with the API. It offers a number of options for easily embedding these daily charts.

Data APIs GIS APIs Widgets

Access ERS data products in machine-readable formats for analysis or integration into your own applications.

Integrate ERS’s map layers into the GIS package of your choice, on their own, or mashed up with other geospatial data.

Get started quickly with these sample code snippets to leverage ERS content for your own use.

Ready to Start?

Visit the Data APIs and the GIS APIs pages. And please leave feedback or suggestions on our GitHub site, or tell us about your use of our APIs. ERS's efforts are part of the Digital Government Strategy.

Last updated: Friday, November 29, 2013

For more information contact: Peter Bersani