Share of farm operator estates with estate-tax returns and estate taxes, 2018F

Pie chart with 3 items.

Item 1, Not required to file an estate tax return 99.4%.
Item 2, File return, owe no taxes 0.25%.
Item 3, File return, with tax liability 0.35%.

Note: If an estate has a gross value greater than the exemption amount ($11.18 million in 2018), it must file a return. The estimate for estates required to file estate-tax returns assumes that the exemption amount from a former spouse is not available (no exemption portability). F=forecast based on 2017 data and the age distribution of farm operators, mortality rates, and model results that accounted for adjustments, deductions, and exemptions. Source: USDA, Economic Research Service using data from USDA's 2017 Agricultural Resource Management Survey.