U.S. irrigation organizations by primary and secondary functions, 2019

Horizontal bar chart with 8 groups.


Group 1, Primary function: Irrigation water delivery, 95.
Group 2, Primary function: Groundwater management, 27.
Group 3, Secondary function: Municipal / residential water delivery, 14.
Group 4, Secondary function: Agricultural drainage management, 11.
Group 5, Secondary function: Recreation or wildlife management, 6.
Group 6, Secondary function: Flood retention, 5.
Group 7, Secondary function: Electricity generation, 3.
Group 8, Secondary function: Other, 10.

Note: Organizations can have more than one primary and secondary function. Groundwater management may include monitoring aquifer conditions, collecting pumping data, charging pumping fees, issuing permits for new wells, or overseeing aquifer recharge efforts.
Source: USDA, Economic Research Service and USDA, National Agricultural Statistics Service, 2019 Survey of Irrigation Organizations.