Food Safety

  • Foodborne Illness
    ERS provides economic analyses of economic issues that affect the safety of the U.S. food supply. Knowing the costs of foodborne illness helps policymakers rank risks, focus policy, and prioritize spending.
  • Labeling & Information Policy
    Information policy—providing or requiring information about specific product attributes, the proper use of a product, or best production practices—is often achieved through labeling and education programs.
  • Market Incentives & Government Regulation
    ERS examines how private markets and government regulation have combined to provide meat and poultry food safety. This research covers private market mechanisms that control food safety, regulation establishing a minimum level of meat and poultry food safety quality, and innovation enhancing meat and poultry food safety.
  • Response to Incidents
    ERS analyzes consumer responses to food safety incidents, both domestically and globally, and also examines consumer benefits from risk reduction.