Market Outlook

Vegetables and Pulses Outlook, September 2019 (summary)

Conditions for Vegetables and Pulses Send Prices in Opposite Directions

Despite volatility in vegetable and pulse markets influenced, at least partially, by an active hurricane season and multiple import tariff adjustments, both sectors show signs of only modest drops in production for 2019.

Cool, wet conditions in California producing areas caused concern during planting of summer crops, but did provide price support for overall vegetable markets. Fresh-market vegetable trade values were mixed as export values rose over last year while import values declined.

Across all pulse varieties, exports for the current marketing year are projected higher year-to-year. In the first 7 months of 2019, U.S. chickpea, dry bean (excluding chickpeas), and lentil exports were all above the same period in 2018. Forecast growth in pulse use is supported by expectations for continuation of sharply-lower prices.


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