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Vegetables and Pulses Outlook: December 2020



Vegetables Withstand Pandemic

Total domestically-grown vegetable and pulse crop output likely declined in 2020 as smaller fresh-market vegetable and potato crops outweighed larger processing tomato, dry bean, dry pea, and lentil crops. However, by adjusting production methods and marketing channels, meeting transportation challenges, and increasing imports to fill supply gaps, the industry continued to deliver critical food to the nation. Although this winter may be challenging due to a possible resurgence of COVID-19, the year ahead appears to be shaping up as one of transition from the many adjustments dictated by the full-scale pandemic of 2020 to an economy that slowly and more fully incorporates pre-pandemic activities and behaviors. The transition is largely dependent on how quickly available vaccines are administered and accepted by the public. Thus, as consumer confidence is slowly bolstered by successful vaccines and an eventual return to social “normalcy,” vegetable production, marketing, and transportation schedules are expected to shift back toward pre-pandemic levels by the conclusion of 2021.

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Vegetables and Pulses Data: Yearbook Tables

Historical Vegetables and Pulses Outlook reports are available from the Mann Library under historical titles: The Vegetable Situation, Vegetables and Melons Outlook, and Vegetable and Pulses Outlook.