Market Outlook

ERS conducts a variety of market outlook activities related to the oilseed complex. Details on major changes and events in the world oilseeds market are published 12 months of the year in the Oil Crops Outlook. (Previously published outlook reports are also available.) The Oil Crops Yearbook provides a recap of the previous market year.

ERS—with the World Agricultural Outlook Board, Farm Service Agency, Foreign Agricultural Service, and Agricultural Marketing Service—develops USDA's monthly World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE) report, which is coordinated by the World Agricultural Outlook Board. WASDE provides current-year estimates and projections of domestic and global supply and use for soybeans, soybean meal, and soybean oil, among other commodities. Aggregate estimates are also provided for domestic and global supply and use of total oilseeds, oil meals, and vegetable oils.

Long-term (10-year) supply and use projections for the domestic and international soybean complex are available through the Agricultural Baseline data product. For further information on the supply and demand issues underlying the baseline for soybeans, see the chapter on U.S. crops.