Rice, the primary staple for more than half the world's population, is produced worldwide, with about 90 percent grown in Asia. The United States is a major exporter, with the global market accounting for nearly half the annual sales volume of U.S.-produced rice. Four U.S. regions produce virtually all of the country's rice crop--three in the South and one in California—with the South growing mostly long-grain rice and California producing almost exclusively medium- and short-grain rice. ERS work on the rice market includes:

  • Current and historical data sets by class of rice for U.S. production, use, farm-level and milled-rice prices, stocks, and trade;
  • Current and historical data for the global rice market on production, use, imports, exports, stocks for all rice, and trading prices for numerous classes and types of rice.
  • Monthly market outlook reports on global and U.S. rice supply, output, use, stocks, trade and prices, including market prospects for major trading countries, and
  • In-depth analyses of domestic and global developments affecting the rice market, including changes in supply and demand, and commodity and trade policies.

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