USDA’s Economic Research Service provides the following updates to the schedules of products that were affected by the lapse in federal funding.

The following releases will be delayed:

Jan. 25

Food Price Outlook (Now scheduled for Feb. 6)

Feb. 1

Agriculture Trade Multipliers (Now scheduled for Feb. 15)

Feb. 5

Latest U.S. Agricultural Trade Data (Now scheduled for Feb. 6)

Feb. 6

Highlights From the February 2019 Farm Income Forecast (Now scheduled for March 6)

Livestock International Trade Data (Now scheduled for Feb. 7)

Aquaculture Data (Now scheduled for Feb. 7)

U.S. Agricultural Trade Update (Now scheduled for Feb. 7)

Feb. 11

Dairy Quarterly Data (Now scheduled for Mar. 11)

Feb. 14

Agricultural Baseline Report (The report is now scheduled for March 13. However, the database tables will be released on Feb. 14.)

Mar. 21

The Food Assistance Landscape: FY 2018 Annual Report (New release date to be determined.)


The following January releases will not be rescheduled but subsequent data releases will contain the latest data available:

Livestock & Meat Domestic Data

Vegetables and Pulses Data

Fruit and Tree Nut Data

Feed Grains: Yearbook Tables

Season-Average Price Forecasts

Feed Grains Database

Wheat data

Dairy Data (Dairy Monthly Tables)

Meat Price Spreads

Livestock and Meat International Trade Data

U.S. Agricultural Trade Data Update

Aquaculture Data

Latest U.S. Agricultural Trade Data

U.S. Bioenergy Statistics


Monthly Commodity Outlook Reports (These will not be published. However, February Outlooks will be released on time):

Livestock, Dairy, and Poultry Outlook: January 2019

Sugar and Sweeteners Outlook: January 2019

Cotton and Wool Outlook Tables: January 2019

Oil Crops Outlook: January 2019

Wheat Outlook: January 2019

Feed Outlook: January 2019

Rice Outlook: January 2019


For updates, please continue to check this page and the ERS Calendar.