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Amber Waves

Amber Waves presents the broad scope of ERS research and analysis on the economics of food, farming, natural resources, and rural America. The June 2017 issue includes articles on: energy prices and food-related energy use; U.S. agricultural exports and jobs; drought risk management; irrigated agriculture; trans fat intake; WIC participation; and Indian dairy production.

New from ERS


Land Use, Land Cover, and Pollinator Health: A Review and Trend Analysis

ERS analysis of broad changes in land use and land cover over 1982-2012 finds that forage suitability for pollinators, including honey bees, increased between 1982 and 2002 and then declined slightly to 2012.


Children’s Food Security and USDA Child Nutrition Programs

USDA child nutrition programs reduce food insecurity in households with children and contribute to diet quality and academic performance. One in 6 households with children was food insecure in 2015.


“Transformers: The Future of Food” - Washington Post Panel Discussion

ERS Administrator Mary Bohman participated in a panel discussion at the Washington Post on Tuesday, June 13.


Food Safety Practices and Costs Under the California Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement

Interviews with firms participating in an existing food safety program, California's Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement, offer insights into what the recent FSMA Produce Rule will mean for the U.S. produce industry.


Public Disclosure of Tests for Salmonella: The Effects on Food Safety Performance in Chicken Slaughter Establishments

ERS analyzed the impact of a USDA regulatory initiative that identified commercial chicken slaughter establishments with poor or mediocre ratings on Salmonella tests – specifically, how this has affected the outcome of subsequent tests.