Webinar: Farm Income and Financial Forecasts, August 2017 Update

During this webinar, economist Carrie Litkowski will provide the August forecast for 2017 as well as first estimates for 2016.

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Economic Experiments for Policy Analysis and Program Design: A Guide for Agricultural Decisionmakers

To illustrate the use of experimental approaches and highlight key experimental design features, this report reviews five case studies where experiments were used to investigate issues pertinent to agricultural policy design


The Food-Spending Patterns of Households Participating in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program: Findings From USDA's FoodAPS

USDA's FoodAPS survey provides unique and comprehensive data to explore the food-spending patterns of SNAP households.


Food Insecurity, Chronic Disease, and Health Among Working-Age Adults

Lower food security is associated with higher probability of 10 chronic diseases (e.g., diabetes, cancer) and is more strongly predictive of chronic illnesses than income in some cases


Progress and Challenges in Global Food Security

ERS researchers analyze the roles of trade, agricultural productivity, safety nets, and better data and measurement in achieving achieving gains in global food security.


Conservation Compliance: How Farmer Incentives Are Changing in the Crop Insurance Era

Highly Erodible Land Conservation (HELC) contributed significantly to soil erosion reduction. For erosion due to rainfall, the average erosion reduction on land subject to HELC was 40 percent more than on similar land not subject to HELC.