Why Revise the Entire Historical Food Dollar Series?

All tables in the food dollar series were automatically revised from 2002 forward with the release in early 2014 of a new Industry Economic Accounts: Benchmark Input-Output Accounts. The reasons and methodology used by ERS for this planned revision are described in the following ERS report:

A Revised and Expanded Food Dollar Series: A Better Understanding of Our Food Costs

For this scheduled revision, ERS implemented minor, but important, improvements in the estimation model used to develop all annual food dollar statistics. The improvements address some inconsistencies in the way that standard IO accounts represent the U.S. food system, such as how food-away-from-home expenditures at non-conventional eating places—for example, sports arenas and passenger travel—are traced through the food supply chain and how wholesale and retail establishments in the food industry are distinguished from other trade establishments. The combined changes to the estimation model had little or no impact on some estimates, but in many cases, changes resulted in both upward and downward revisions in the historical data series. Thus, revisions were applied back to the beginning year of the food dollar series—1993.