Quick Facts

The food dollar series provides an overview of the food system, with estimates of the farm share and of the distribution of food-dollar value-added shares over time:

  • For every dollar spent in 2014 in the U.S. on domestically produced food (food dollar), U.S. farmers sold 17.2 cents of farm products to non-farm establishments (farm share). After falling to 16.2 cents in 2009, the farm share of food dollar expenditures in 2014 is at a level comparable to the 2007-08 level.
  • Farm production costs per food dollar have increased in seven of the past eight years from 8.3 cents in 2006 to 10.4 cents in 2014.
  • Foodservice costs per food dollar rose in 2014 to 32.7 cents, up from 31.2 cents in 2012.
  • U.S. worker salary and benefits accounted for 48.7 cents of each food dollar in 2014 and have been under 50 cents for seven consecutive years.