Uses and Publications

This page lists the uses of the U.S. agricultural productivity statistics, including ERS topic pages, staff analysis, publications/research, and other material highlighting the data.

ERS Topic Pages

ERS provides a summary information on U.S. agricultural productivity growth through the topic page—Agricultural Research and Productivity—on its website.

Staff Analysis

U.S. productivity statistics are used to respond to informational requests from non-profit and government stakeholders.

External Review of the ERS Agricultural Productivity in the U.S. Accounts 

ERS engaged an external review committee to examine the data sources, methodology, ongoing research, documentation, and reporting of the ERS agricultural productivity accounts. This report represents the outcome of that review.


ERS uses U.S. agricultural productivity statistics for research and publications in productivity related topics. See the next section for examples. While the U.S. agricultural productivity statistics data have also been used widely by researchers from academies, nonprofit institutions, and government agencies outside of ERS, we only list ERS publications here.

Selected ERS Publications Using U.S. Agricultural Productivity Statistics

Other Material Highlighting the U.S. Productivity Accounts

Selected ERS Chart of Notes: