Agricultural Baseline Database

The agricultural baseline database provides 10-year projections for the annual USDA Agricultural Projections report, which is published in February each year.  The database covers current-year projections for major field crops (corn, sorghum, barley, oats, wheat, rice, soybeans, and upland cotton) and livestock (cattle, hogs, poultry and eggs, and dairy cattle).

  • Current year’s projections of select attributes: machine-readable .csv file plus readme.txt (.zip file)
  • Current and historical projections and tables are housed in the Albert R. Mann Library at Cornell University (Includes additional tabular projections for macroeconomic assumptions, specialty crops, farm income, and U.S. agricultural trade.)*  
  • Data visualization of select attributes of the current year’s projections with historical data
  • Annual USDA Agricultural Projections report
  • Click below "Enter the App" to make custom queries for commodities, attributes, and the year the projections were made.