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China's Soybean Imports Expected To Grow Despite Short-Term Disruptions

by Francis Tuan, Cheng Fang, and Zhi Cao

Outlook No. (OCS-04J01) 14 pp, October 2004

Rapid demand growth for soybeans and soybean products has outstripped supply in China over the past two decades. Liberalization in production and trade policies has facilitated the country's booming soybean imports, though some recent policy changes have disrupted imports. Despite short-term disruptions, however, China's demand for soybean and soybean products continues to look strong and provides favorable opportunities for U.S. soybean exports.

Keywords: Soybean demand, production, consumption, trade, China, soyoil, soymeal, policy changes

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Last updated: Monday, May 20, 2013

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