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Soybean Backgrounder

by Mark Ash, Janet Livezey, and Erik Dohlman

Outlook No. (OCS-200601) 43 pp, April 2006

This report addresses key domestic and international market and policy developments that have affected the U.S. soybean sector in recent years. It provides an analysis of the competition between crops for domestic farmland and the international supply and demand for soybean products. Also covered are domestic and trade policy, farm program costs, and a profile of operating and financial characteristics of U.S. farms producing soybeans.

Keywords: soybeans, soybean oil, demand, supply, trade, policy, tariffs, exports, imports, biodiesel, price, income, costs, payments

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Last updated: Tuesday, March 05, 2013

For more information contact: Mark Ash, Janet Livezey, and Erik Dohlman